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whopping commission in the fine print. Then, upon my refusal to accept this ridiculous justification, the manager relented and told me that even if I have 100 banknotes, I could still exchange them. Ask your local bank before traveling to avoid a nasty surprise. If most of your income is in another currency other than euro and you need euros often, consider using a low-commission online foreign currency exchange service like HiFx. Still, not everywhere accepts credit card (and some places will give you a cash discount so you do need to have some local cash on hand.

I said to her: why would a multi-billion dollar bank not be able to put some inexpensive counterfeit detection machines in each branch? The central post office in a city could generally handle currency exchange, for up to 1000 euros a time. Also, you can get arrested. Now you need to find the best deal out there. Sometimes this is a flat rate equal to a few forex trading app iphone dollars; sometimes it's a percentage (anywhere from 1 to 10) of the amount being exchanged. A study in June, 2011, showed that the exchange rate you get by using a credit card was, on average,.9 better than that charged.S. We walked in, took our number in the queue but there were no one else.

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